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New York Operator Training Courses

New York Online Class A/B Operator Prep Training

The New York Online Class A/B Operator Training covers owner accountability, petroleum tank safety, and compliance issues. Please note that this is a prep course and to become a Class A/B certified operator in New York you must:

  1. take the New York State UST Operator Exam located at, or
  2. become certified through one of our other state-approved Class A/B Operator training courses and apply for reciprocity through the DEC online exam website. 

For additional information and pricing, or to purchase the course, visit the course details page HERE.

New York Online Class C Operator Training

The New York Class C Operator Training provides clerks and personnel with a basic understanding of petroleum storage tank systems as well as the knowledge they need to properly handle emergencies. This course will fulfill your Class C Certification requirement and is a great tool for Class A/B Operators to use to train their Class C Operators.  For more information, visit the course details page HERE.